ELISA Testing Kits
Genox Corporation has
developed biomarker
assays to measure
several oxidative
damage biomarkers.
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Welcome to Genox!

We meet your Oxidative
Stress Biomarker needs.

Genox is a biotechnological
company dedicated to the
development and application
of novel Oxidative Stress
for the
advancement of basic
and applied research related to Oxidative Stress
and Aging. Some of these applications include:

  • Basic and applied scientific research to understand the mechanisms of the aging process and that of several diseases associated with aging
  • Epidemiological studies to investigate the role of diet, nutrition, exercise, therapeutic drugs, and lifestyle pattern on the oxidative stress state of an individual
  • Investigations on the role of absorbability and
    bio-availability of micronutrients in the regulation of oxidative stress
  • Development of processed foods and post-harvest storage and handling of agricultural produce

As you browse our site, you will be able to gain important information on Oxidative Stress and how Genox products and analytical testing services can meet your research needs.
For those who are already well-versed in this field, please review our products to explore what we currently offer and how they can be used in your ongoing research or in the strategic planning of future projects.