New Anti-Dibromo-Tyrosine Monoclonal Antibody
(Catalog #MBY-020P for 20 microgram vial)
(Anti- dibromotyrosine/ dihalogenated tyrosine
monoclonal antibody, clone 3A5)

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What is Dibromo Tyrosine?


  1. Y Kato, Y Kawai, H Morinaga, H Kondo, N Dozaki, N Kitamoto and T Osawa.
    Immunogenicity of a brominated protein and successive establishment of a monoclonal antibody to dihalogenated tyrosine.
    Free Rad Biol Med, 38, p24-31 (2005)
  2. Wu W, Chen Y, d'Avignon A, Hazen SL.
    3-Bromotyrosine and 3,5-dibromotyrosine are major products of protein oxidation by eosinophil peroxidase: potential markers for eosinophil-dependent tissue injury in vivo.
    Biochemistry.38(12):3538-48 (1999)

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The 'Anti-Dibromo Tyrosine Monoclonal Antibody' is manufactured in Japan by the Japan Institute for the Control of Aging (JaICA). Genox is the distributor of this antibody for users in North and South America.


Note: Genox’s Products are for RESEARCH USE ONLY.
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The provision of test reports, generated by using Genox's products, to individuals
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  42 U.S.C. § 263a (2006); 42 C.F.R. § 493.3 (2006); COMAR (2006). Genox is not a CLIA certified laboratory.

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