Who can benefit from Genox products and analytical services?

Scientific community
Genox specializes in the development of novel oxidative stress biomarker assays, commonly used in Oxidative Stress Assessment and Free Radical Research. Genox offers ELISA Assay Kits  and  Monoclonal Antibodies, for use by the scientific community. These products should be used only for research purpose, by skilled scientific personnel in their own laboratories. The ELISA kits and the monoclonal antibodies are not suited for clinical/diagnostic testing and the test reports should not be used for the treatment/cure of any diseases.

Genox also has the knowledge, expertise, and flexibility to develop a customized panel of biomarker assays best suited for a particular research project. Our analytical testing services are offered to assist the scientific community for the advancement of their basic and applied research related to understanding the mechanism of the aging process and to investigate the role of oxidative stress in biology and medicine. Genox seeks collaborative research arrangements, from academic institutions, to develop new oxidative stress related biomarker assays, and to explore the application of existing biomarkers to wider areas of basic and applied research.

Automation of the assay protocols on robotic chemistry analyzers and data analysis using specialized software have helped us to lower our analytical cost and also to reduce the turn-around time. Genox also participates frequently in the Round Robin testing program, offered by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, to test the levels of known carotenoids and tocopherols.

Manufacturers of processed foods and agricultural produce
The food we eat represents an important source of our essential antioxidants. Yet a specific strain of vegetable, fruit or any other plant can have wide differences in antioxidant content depending on breeding, cultivation, harvesting and post-harvest storage and processing conditions.

Quality control during food manufacturing and processing often requires close monitoring of antioxidant status. Genox provides the advanced analytical techniques to assess the antioxidant content of plant products as well as processed food products.

Manufacturers of pet foods
The nutritional formulation of pet foods often includes enhanced levels of antioxidants.  Supplementation of pet foods has been shown to be useful for pets with a variety of inflammatory skin conditions.

Food allergy and intolerance could lead to several skin and stomach problems that can cause discomfort and pain to animals. Some of these problems are believed to be as a result of oxidative stress. Hence manufacturers of pet food formulations could monitor the levels of oxidative stress in pets with specific allergies and see if any of the damage indicators that could be reduced by supplementing appropriate antioxidants.

Pharmaceutical industries
The pharmaceutical industries constantly make sure that all newly developed drugs are tested for safety and efficacy before they can be administered to humans. New drugs go through basic testing phases: in vitro (test-tube) and in silico (computer) modeling; animal testing and, finally, human trials.

Before a drug is tested in humans, there should be compelling evidence to prove that it is safe and effective. Reactions often differ between sexes, ages, ethnic groups, even between family members.

During clinical trials, relevant pharmacological measurements are made, which would give early warning of potential problems. As an addendum to their normal protocol of drug monitoring, drug makers could also make use of the oxidative damage related biomarkers to see if any side reactions occur as a result of induction of oxidative stress in specific target organs.

Genox’s Products and Analytic Test Services are for RESEARCH USE ONLY.  Users of Genox’s products are strongly advised NOT TO USE THEM FOR CLINICAL/DIAGNOSTIC APPLICATIONS.

The use of individual assay reports generated by Genox Corporation is restricted to research use only.  The provision of these reports to individuals or to treating physicians for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and control of any human disease or impairment of, or the assessment of the health, nutritional, or medical condition of individuals is expressly prohibited by law.  42 U.S.C. § 263a (2006); 42 C.F.R. § 493.3 (2006); COMAR (2006).  Genox is not a CLIA certified laboratory.
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